Before you Know, FeverGuard™ Knows

FeverGuard is a small, low-cost, wearable thermometer that fits comfortably on the upper arm. It provides an early warning of a potential fever, one of the most common signs of an infection.


FeverGuard continuously monitors, tracks, and learns your unique temperature pattern - alerting you when something isn't right.

Monitoring body temperature is one way to protect your loved ones from viruses like COVID. FeverGuard also brings peace of mind when caring for the family on days they feel sick. Using the most advanced thermometer technologies with real-time alerts - FeverGuard should be a must-have for every household.

Who Needs FeverGuard?

Think about FeverGuard like you do a mask -- essential PPE that we wear to protect each other from the spread of infection. With fever being a symptom in 78% of COVID patients, having an early warning system means you have the power to stop the spread. 

So who needs FeverGuard? You do. Protect yourself, family, friends, loved ones, and the community.


Fever - What Can It Tell Us? 

There are many benefits to using FeverGuard’s intelligent temperature monitoring to track and analyze temperature continuously.

  • Fever Can be a Side Effect of the COVID Vaccine
  • Heatstroke
  • Post-surgical monitoring
  • Fever is the most common flu symptom
  • Ovulation

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FeverGuard Can Bring You Peace of Mind 

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FeverGuard is FSA approved. FeverGuard is not yet FDA approved or cleared.