Before you Know, FeverGuard™ Knows

FeverGuard is a small, low-cost, wearable thermometer that fits comfortably on the upper arm. It provides an early warning of a potential fever, one of the most common signs of an infection.


Fever - What Can It Tell Us? 

As biomarkers go, fever is a rich source of information about how our bodies are functioning.

In medicine, a biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of disease. More generally, it’s anything that can help reveal the physiological state of an organism. There are many biomarkers, some tied to specific diseases, while others are more generic. Blood pressure is a biomarker, along with heart rate, blood oxygenation, C-reactive protein (inflammation) — and fever...

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Who Needs FeverGuard?

You do. And everyone you care about or come in contact with. Do you wear a mask when you leave home? We hope so. Because it protects others as well as yourself from the spread of deadly infection. And so does FeverGuard. FeverGuard and masks are essential PPE. Protect yourself. Protect the community. Do your part.


FeverGuard monitors your temperature continuously, so it learns your unique pattern, alerting you at the first sign of a potential fever.

Early detection is the key to stopping the spread of COVID. Wearing a FeverGuard is like wearing a mask — something we should all do. It protects you and those around you. And the temperature data FeverGuard analyzes is stored in an encrypted, HIPAA- compliant database. It’s not shared with anyone.

How FeverGuard Works

Fever is one of the first signs of viral infection. The early studies of COVID-19 patients have found that 99 percent present fever as one of the major symptoms. That’s why Solos Health Analytics has focused its initial efforts on temperature monitoring and analysis.

An individual’s temperature varies throughout the day. And, no two people have the same temperature range. FeverGuard tracks an individual’s temperature variations continuously and sends data to the cloud where it’s analyzed by our machine learning platform. Alerts are provided instantly when a fever starts to develop.

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FeverGuard is not yet FDA approved or cleared.