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Its AI-powered technology provides an early warning of a fever that could save your life.

FeverGuard. Fighting COVID with 21st Century Technology.

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FeverGuard is a small, low-cost, wearable health aid that fits comfortably on the upper arm.

It monitors an individual’s temperature continuously and uses machine learning to analyze the data and alert them at the first sign of a fever, so they can take immediate action.

FeverGuard is the first solution of its kind that can learn a person’s unique temperature pattern and recognize any irregularity. No other method offers continuous monitoring and instant alerts. Plus, the FeverGuard mobile application lets individuals see their temperature data, trends, and alerts.

Who Needs FeverGuard?

The short answer is everybody. Even for those able to live in complete isolation and sanitize everything that enters their environment — the risk of illness from a viral infection is always present. New compliance requirements have increased the urgency for temperature screenings across many industries. 


How FeverGuard Works

Fever is one of the first signs of viral infection. The early studies of COVID-19 patients have found that 99 percent present fever as one of the major symptoms. That’s why Solos Health Analytics has focused its initial efforts on temperature monitoring and analysis.

An individual’s temperature varies throughout the day. And, no two people have the same temperature range. FeverGuard tracks an individual’s temperature variations continuously and sends data to the cloud where it’s analyzed by our machine learning platform. Alerts are provided instantly when a fever starts to develop.

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Fever - What Can It Tell Us? 

As biomarkers go, fever is a rich source of information about how our bodies are functioning.

In medicine, a biomarker is a measurable indicator of the severity or presence of disease. More generally, it’s anything that can help reveal the physiological state of an organism. There are many biomarkers, some tied to specific diseases, while others are more generic. Blood pressure is a biomarker, along with heart rate, blood oxygenation, C-reactive protein (inflammation) — and fever...

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FeverGuard is reimagining how body temperatures can be used to predict impending illness. Body temperature fluctuates throughout the day within individuals and also differs between individuals. FeverGuard has the potential to track a person’s unique temperature curve and issue an alert when readings are out of line. During a pandemic—and even under normal conditions—a day or two’s warning can be critical to improving health and preventing infection transmission.


Dr. Julie Parsonnet
Dr. Julie Parsonnet Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine

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