A Data-Centric Approach to Health & Wellness

Early detection gives you more time to take proactive measures.

Traditional medical diagnosis relies on infrequent point-in-time measurements with evaluations relative to established norms.

But we’re all different, so this approach often can’t provide timely warnings of potential issues or alert you to important changes.

Faster detection of potential issues means you have more time to act and correct the problem.

Intelligent View of Health

Intelligent Personalized View of Your Health

Changes from your individual “normal” aren’t necessarily dire. However, it could mean that a problem is developing. Our goal is to detect and highlight these changes, even when the measurement value might still be considered acceptable by traditional norms.

It’s time we took a data-centric approach and applied it to our health and well-being!

At Solos Health Analytics our mission is reinventing health and wellness. We focus on using continuous measurement streams with machine learning to build a picture of you as an individual; we then use AI to make individualized health and wellness recommendations.

The team includes people with expertise in cloud computing, mobile devices, wireless and network security, regulatory compliance, database management, and data ingestion. Most importantly, supported by advisors who are at the top of their fields in biomedical and biomechanical device engineering, medical research related to infectious diseases, data science, and clinical trials.

Our Team

Mark Lewis-1

Mark Lewis

Founder and CEO
Mark reichenbach-1

Mark Reichenbach

Cofounder & Head of Technology
Jim Curley-1

Jim Curley

Head of Finance
Richard Head Shot

Richard Grodahl

Head of Sales
Lisa Lewis-1

Lisa Lewis

Head of Marketing
Mike Feinberg-1

Mike Feinberg

Head of Engineering
John -1

John Jaskiewicz

Head of Supply Chain
Kim Varela (1)-1

Kim Varela


Our Advisors

Dan Jensen-1

Daniel D. Jensen Ph.D.

Fellow, International Design Ctr. Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering, U.S. Air Force Academy (Retired)
Adam goodworth-1

Adam Goodworth Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Kinesiology Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Westmont College
Julie Parsonnet-1

Julie Parsonnet M.D.

Professor of Medicine, Health Research, Policy and Epidemiology, Stanford University Medical Center
Barbara Waschman-1

Barbara Wachsman

Director, Strategy & Engagement, Enterprise Benefits at The Walt Disney Company
Lincoln Krochmal-1

Lincoln Krochmal M.D., FAAD

President & CEO Excaliard Pharmaceuticals (Retired)

Our Board

Jerry Kennelly-1

Jerry Kennelly

CEO Riverbed Technology (Retired)
Mark Lewis-1

Mark Lewis

Chairman and CEO
Bob Zollars-1

Bob Zollars

Experienced Healthcare CEO; Chair, Trustees of ASU
David Segre

David Segre

Legal Counsel, Cooley LLP

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