How It Works

The FeverGuard Difference

FeverGuard uses proprietary machine-learning that understands the difference between core and near-axillary temperature readings, compensating for these small variations as you move away from your armpit. FeverGuard learns an individual’s “normal,” then uses continuous data flow to alert for anomalies, rapidly detecting the variations without the need for a traditional thermometer or manual temperature taking.

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How Can FeverGuard Work For You

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Perfect for instant and continuous temperature monitoring for the whole family including children. 

  • Accurate temperature displays in seconds
  • Temperature stored locally on the phone for 72 hours
  • Easy setup without any data collection. 


Instant and continuous temperature monitoring with temperature data stored securely in the Cloud.

  • Alerts based on your individual temperature pattern
  • Monitors, tracks, and stores temperature data
  • Symptom tagging and ability to notify others

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